It feels good to ride at home! – Florent Payet

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Rediscover the pleasure of being on a mountain bike. 

Florent is racing on UCI downhill World Cup since 2003. He enjoys riding different tracks in the world, but sometimes he likes it, even more, at home.
The off-season brings him back to discovery!

«  On races, you have to follow a specific time-frame, and your focus is 100% on performance. During the off-season, I can play on my bike! I take the time to discover new trails around my place and enjoy the nature. There is no need to ride fast, just some bunny hop here and there, sliding on the fallen leafs, that’s the real fun! » Florent Payet

Come on and ride with me

Besides being a serious competitor, Florent is a welcoming guy who likes sharing great moments on the bike with passionate people. We followed him on one of his favorite trail close to Chambery where he lives.

« When we were driving up to the start of the trail, I was pretty sure we would begin our ride on 1 meter of snow, well that’s the funny part of winter rides! I like this trail because it has some nice flowy descents, sharp curves and some amazing view of the Lac du Bourget. It feels great to take the time to ride in the peaceful mountains » Florent Payet

Great MTB trails are made to be shared

We had a lot of fun shredding this trail with Florent. It was a mix of technical sections and fast descents. We have never been riding on the snow before, what a unique feeling!

In the end, we wanted more of it, but we didn’t have time. Anyway, we know that we still have to discover a lot in the area. If you guys fancy come to ride this trails, we can now show you around!

« Every winter I try to discover new trails and share it with a mate who will share it with his mate etc.… I just think that everyone should know this kind of trails. I knew that this track would put a big smile on the guys’ faces. If you want to ride it, come to see me! » Florent Payet

Florent is now part of the MTBNB family, feel free to ask him for a ride! 

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