Meet the Locals: Alvaro Gutierrez Leal, a life committed to Mountain Biking

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It all started the same way for all of us. Mountain Biking came once to our life and became a reason to live. That’s particularly the case for Alvaro who decided to give his entire life to the sport. He’s building an amazing MTB scene in Mexico and we are sure that it will be more than happy to welcome you on his local trails.

Tell us a few words about you?

My name is Alvaro but my friends know me as « Alvin ». Born in Mexico, I lived in Chile, Canada and traveled around more than 30 countries. When I was 5 years old, I got a supermarket mountain bike, my mom signed me for some MTB lessons after school and I started falling in love with the sport. I´m an MTB guide, a multi-day Enduro event organizer, MTB coach and travel consultant.

How important is MOuntain biking in your life? 

Mountain Biking is everything for me. I started riding cross country and traveled overseas to participate in a few world cups. Back in 2013, when I was in Crested Butte, Colorado I decided to give my entire life to this sport. Now my friends, my job, my travels, my dreams spin around mountain biking. Nowadays I’m all about the All-Mountain style of riding, love to travel the world with my bike and also to show my home trails to foreign riders.

What about your local trails?

This is one thing that makes the Mexican riding so special. In México we are lucky enough to do not have to build trails. Most of the best trails we ride in are old hiking trails that ancient tribes used to connect to different points in the mountains to exchange goods and services, some other ones are old mining trails, the only thing we have to do here is to find them then clean to make it rideable for bikes!

We believe you guys want to share these amazing trails with the world and that’s why you wrapped up the Transierra Norte and TransVallarta. Can you tell us more about it? 

The Transierra Norte in Oaxaca and Trans-Vallarta in Mascota were two dreams that nowadays are part of my life. Putting together the best singletrack descents my country has to offer in a multiday adventure full of the unique colorful culture and traditions Mexico has to offer is completely a dream came true. It´s very challenging to manage dozens of riders, to have the safe in the trails and to deliver the best times, but at the end when you see the smile on everyone’s faces you know the hard work was worth it!

I am pretty sure that the ride is awesome but it seems that the Mexican culture and traditions are something unique to experience. Isn’t it?

Yes! We put the Transierra Norte during the day of the Dead to offer a bigger and unique cultural experience to the international riders. It’s a very old and authentic Mexican tradition, Oaxaca is one of the places where the festivities still pretty alive. Here we celebrate the life of the ones who passed away, remember and party honoring them with their favorite dishes, drinks, and music. We are part of this celebration racing bikes along the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca!

We heard that when people go to the mountain they have to make an offering to the “Chaneque”. What is it exactly?

Yes, the Chaneque is a mystic creature that takes care of the forest and mountains in Oaxaca, the local people and ancient tribes used to do a spiritual journey before getting into the mountains, all this with the purpose of having the “Chaneque” as your guardian inside the Sierra.

Why should we all come riding with you in Mexico? 

Isn´t the Mexican food and drinks, great weather, 10km descents, riding all year round, amazing hospitality, cultural experiences enough excuses? So, feel free to contact me over MTBNB and I will be glad to show you around!

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