Meet The Locals: Vincent Jarné, from American Football to Mountain Biking

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Sometimes you just try out many different sports until you find the one that will balance your life, isn’t it?! From American Football to Mountain Biking, here is the story of Vincent who understood like all of us, that there is something special with MTB.

Tell us a few words about you…

My name is Vincent Jarné but my friends use to call me “Spontex”. I am a 28 years old geologist. Born and rised in the festive south-west of France, I am living in Pau now.

How did you come up with Mountain Biking? 

I was playing american football at the time, a teammate wanted to try downhill and I knew an old abandoned spot. We reshaped everything and started to ride. I was into many sports but mountain biking connected everything I was looking for: fun, friends and crazy wild landscapes. I didn’t had the time to fully perform in every sports so I slowed down and then stopped them to focus on my new favorite one.

What’s your favorite discipline? 

I like them all! Every discipline brings something different to the table. Enduro let you explore the unknown, while freeriding carries this liberty feeling with unlimited options playing with the relief. But DH is my favorite: a good bike-park ridding day delivers enough fun, high-fives and laugh to get stoked though the entire week.

What are you looking for while riding your Mountain bike?

I’m looking for the focus thing. You know, forgetting who and where you are, having nothing in mind and just being focus on pushing forward further on the trail. Discovering new trails with a sick landscape is a good addition to a perfect ridding day.

I guess Diko is part of these perfect riding day, right?!

Of course! Diko is a 9 years old dog and used to be faster than me in his young age. He knows he has to follow me when he is behind but when he successfully blockpass me, he thinks I have to follow him instead… When he is leading, he always choose to cut the first corner and go full freeride! He will learn to follow the trail one day. I guess. Haha

Why should we come riding on your locals?

In the south west of France, we are lucky enough to have really different types of trails. For downhill sessions Lourdes and Irrisarri Land bike-parks are open 9 months a year, a couple more parks during the summer and some local jump spots like Azereix and Beyrie-en-Béarn offer a free alternative when everything is closed. For enduro ridding the immediate trails are on an alluvial plain with a lot of free pebbles, it’s a repetitive up and down profile but trails are definitively fun. At 45 min of car you can ride the green North Pyrénées steep, moist and technical trails. Further, the arid South Pyrénées climate offers some fast dusty runs with spots like Ainsà Zona Zero EWS trails. There are plenty of options. Right now, I’m limited by a knee injury but let’s get in touch to plan some future riding! Don’t be shy!

What’s your dreamy MTB destination? 

I went to the dry Fuerteventura Island, and was surprised by the amazing grip this volcanic soil had. I would love to plan a trip to ride all other Canaria Islands, they are each completely different: the steep natural trails of La Palma, the long green runs of Tenerife, the local investment on trail building of Gran Canaria and the wilderness of the lunar Lanzarote landscapes. It would be sick!

We have seen that you are involved in product testing? Can you tell us more about it? 

I receive products from brands and write a review about it for a french mag. When I wasn’t into testing yet, I’ve found that every media review were getting to the same conclusion: “you should buy this bike, it will make you faster”, failing to provide any precise description. How is it different to the other « best bikes you should buy »? I felt I was constantly reading another advertising without learning anything. Now, I understand it is part of a media philosophy: a full positive review should increase your traffic as the brand might share it more across social networks. Fortunately, I’m seeing more and more in depth reviews on the internet nowadays so I’m glad the trend is showing signs of halting. I am not paid for my reviews, so I tend to be 100% neutral while writing as I try to describe the compromise of the test-bikes the best I can. Feedbacks are great for the moment but I am still on the learning slope.

Do you want to ride with Vincent?

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