Ride With Locals: Manu Zucchi, a new buddy from Les Vosges

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Going to locals and riding their trails with them is the essence of MTBNB. Today we are happy to tell you the story of our first adventure in Les Vosges with Emmanuelle Zucchi. Our new buddy is an Italian rider who has been ripping the French trails for a couple of years.


First bite of « Les Vosges » with Manu Zucchi

When I talked to Manu for the first time in March, I could instantly feel his thrill for mountain biking. He invited me for a ride, unfortunately back at that time, I was injured. I promised him that I would come around before the end of the year…

From Annecy, I crossed Switzerland, heading to St Louis, Alsace. Manu offered me to stay at his place before we went riding at « Le Grand Ballon » in Les Vosges. I jumped out of the car, said hello to my new riding buddy and it was already time to share a beer.

We briefly introduced ourselves but it felt like we already knew each other. That is how MTB can connect people! Even if he told me about his Italian roots before, I was not sure about it, until I had tasted these delicious zucchini, gamberetti spaghetti he made for dinner.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Mountain biking is my therapy

Manu fell in love with mountain biking, after being a motocross, enduro and supermoto racer. For him it’s even more than a passion, he describes it as a therapy. When things get tough, he just takes his bike and goes to the forest looking for some freedom.

After a good sleep, it was time for us to ride! While having breakfast, we checked the weather, cold and rainy it said. Manu told me that you can take it as a good climate sign having squirrels playing in the garden. Well, we had a look, no animals, but we still went shredding the trails!

Our ride started with a short climb, following with a nice flowy descent through the quiet forest. The day before, Manu mentioned he loves this time of the year for drifting. He was right, we had so much fun going sideways on those fallen leafs!  

Thanks for the ride!

Besides being an absolute MTB lover and a welcoming guy, Manu has a deep knowledge of the trails in Les Vosges and the Black Forest. If you fancy ride in the area, I would highly recommend to contact him!

Seb is a real rider and an open-minded guy, clearly the mind behind the MTBNB project. I was happy to share this super fun day with him. It was like we knew each other since ages.. this has been an absolutely great experience. I am looking forward to welcoming more riders on my trails! – Manu Zucchi

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